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Our Mission 

We wish to give you the best this paradise has to offer, and allow you to take home the nicest possible memories. Every day, with commitment, passion and professionalism, we will take care of you. We will help you enjoy the Maldives to their full and maximum your comfort. The desire of each one of our team memebrs is for you remmember your experience with us as unique and memorable one.



Enzo Spina is Italian, he arrived the in Maldives for the first time three decades ago, passionate about the sea, diving and the Maldives, expert in tidal currents, has published the illustrated guide TuttoMaldive. He is an Instructor with: Padi, Dan, Naui, Uisp, Has and has over 7000 dives in Maldives.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!!

Christian Pagani is Swiss, passionate about the sea, swimming and diving, CMAS and PADI instructor, started working in the Maldives in 1999 he was taken on as a Base leader right away at a dive center. Big fan of underwater photography, snorkelling and sailing.


Miles Crookes, he is English and comes from Sheffield, For over thirty years has turned his passion for the sea and diving into a profession. Padi Course Director since 1999, His competence and dedication to all diver and Instructor training, helps the team to  prepare divers at all levels, recreational and technical up to the highest degree.

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