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Angothi Thila


Another wonderful shark point, discovered a decade ago, Angoti Thila is 2 hours by boat to the north and can be reached during a full day trip. It is often visited by gray reef and white tip reef sharks which, in optimal conditions of current, can be approached by divers. Top of the reef starts at 10 meters; it is small in diameter, around reaches 70-80 meters across, and goes down to a depth of approximately 30-35 meters. Amazing schools of fish swim around the shoal, making it a natural aquarium. The reef top is home to many anemones and anemone fish, there are stone fish that hide under corals, moray eels, octopus and you sometimes see turtles. During descent divers are surrounded by beautiful Vlaming surgeonfish, which play with your bubbles: divers have to be very careful, not to touch them, because on the caudal fin there are two sharp blades, which can be very sharp.

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