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Fish Head


After around 80 minutes dohni boat trip to the east, we reach this famous dive called Fish Head or Mushimasmigili thila, one of the most popular dive sites in Maldives. This dive site is situated with-in the protected marine area, here, fishing has been completely prohibited. The top of the reef is at 10 -14 meters, and goes down to a depth of around 35-40 meters. Several schools of literal hundreds of fish follow one another cross the reef, fusiliers, blue fin trevally, small red-toothed triggerfish, butterfly fish and batfish. Here you can bump into the Napoleon fish, which can easily be approached by divers. The rim of the reef is full of caves and over-hangs, that are home to an indescribable amount of marine life, one species is full of striped snappers, yellow with blue stripes, then other with red soldiers fish and much more. sometimes, on the sand, the silhouette of a guitar shark can be spotted: its very rare to see. But the surprises of this reef are not over, in fact, two large turtles are often seen on the top; from the many types small fish between the corals, eels peek out of there hiding holes, stone fish are so well camouflaged nearly impossible to find.

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