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Moofushi is known for the beauty of its island and the excursions it has to offer.
It’s one of the few sites in the world where you can spot whale sharks, standing on the boat or swimming with them. The manta rays and the countless inhabitants of this beautiful natural aquarium encourage you to wear a mask and put the head in water.

Boat trips, excursions to the Desert Island or sandbanks make you enjoy the untouched Maldivian world, confirming the image of paradise these garlands of islands (the atolls) offer you.

Enjoy a sunset cruise on a dhoani, the typical Maldivian boat. Visit a local island inhabited only by natives, to learn their way of life; enjoy a romantic evening cruise under the stars and admire the dolphins playing under the bow of dhoani in the crystal clear sea. Discover traditional Maldivian fishing or go seafaring among the reefs. This and much more awaits you, to offer you a special memory of your holiday.



This is an exciting excursion on board the dhoani, the local wooden boat, with the aim of spotting dolphins. To live the experience of an encounter with dolphins in the wild, it is necessary to look for them: the captain and crew of dhoani seek traces of their presence, usually in the ocean and close to the channel connecting the atoll with the ocean. A few flying fishes want attention, but these exciting cetaceans attract all our concentration.

Come with us to search the dolphins!

Each species (dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, Risso's, common dolphins) has a typical behaviour when approaching a vessel, there are those who swim below the bow, who jumps and pirouettes, who goes away to reappear a few dozen meters away, who floats peacefully without caring about us.



Choose a relaxing and romantic cruise to experience the magical atmosphere that only a sunset over the Indian Ocean can offer. At the equator, watching the horizon you always see a few clouds, thanks to which you have stunning red sunset to photograph.

Only you and the oceans breath.

During the cruise, comfortably seated on the upper deck of dhoani, the typical Maldivian boat, you will be offered sparkling wine and chef's special canapes, for a special aperitif.

Finally, with a little luck, the silhouettes of dolphins, sunset in the background, will be the star of your photographs. Unforgettable!



Come and discover the magic of Maldivian night sky, in the Indian Ocean, cruising aboard the dhoani. The attraction of the night, illuminated by millions of bright stars. 
You can see them all, lying comfortably on the upper deck of our classic boat. 
Try to identify the most famous constellations and you see that it is more difficult to distinguish them, because you can really see so many stars!
To complete this romantic evening, you will be served sparkling wine and "Petit Fours".


BLUETRIBE'S Daily Excursions



The fascination of a desert island is magnetic: white sand, palm trees inclined down to the sea, calm and warm waters lapping the beach.
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Jump on dhoani, the typical Maldivian boat and enjoy this paradise!





For a glimpse into Maldivian lifestyle, visit a local island. You'll find out that men are away from home to work, even for a long time, while women take care of the family, the house and the island itself. The women every day twice a day, morning and evening, remove leaves with loving care from the white sandy paths. 
You can see the mosque, where Maldivian people pray daily, primary schools, a series of classrooms and courtyards where children begin to learn the basics in Dhivehi, the Maldivian language, English, Arabic, under the Koran law and computer use. The always-smiling children welcome you; they walk with you on the island or play in the football field. And you can buy some souvenirs such as sarongs, T-shirts, wooden objects and more from small shops that overlook the main street. Most of these shops accept only cash payments, so we suggest you bring with you a little cash.



Here is a wonderful way to experience the true Maldives: an excursion to the sandbank. The Maldives Islands, as a result of currents and tides are constantly evolving: new sandbanks are formed to replacing others, and taking different shapes and sizes in every season. By dhoani, the typical Maldivian boat, we reach the sandbank, where you can enjoy a fantastic deserted unspoiled beach. 
You can jump in the clear turquoise waters that surround it, lie down in the sun and dive again; you can wear mask and fins and explore the coral reef below.


We will do our best to ensure that during your stay here in Moofushi you have a perfect holiday, so we ask you, if you no longer wish to take an excursion, please notify us with sufficient time in advance.
All the excursions of the morning may be cancelled until 20:00 the night before.
The afternoon and evening reservations can be cancelled up to 4 hours before departure.


All prices are in US$ and are subject to a 5 % service charge.
All prices are Guest Service Tax included.
All water excursions or activities are subject to weather conditions and can be cancelled at any time at discretion of Blue Tribe and the Resort.
The excursion days can change without prior notice.
Lost or damaged equipment will be charged as per our lost and damaged list.


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