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Fesdhoo Wreck


A 50-minute boat trip to the Northeast. The wreck is fishing trawler which has been colonized by marine life and has become an extraordinarily rich dive site. The vessel lies at the bottom at 30 meters and lies on the bottom as if it where still in navigation, with its bow facing north. It is 30 meters long, the deck is at depth 18 meters 24 meters and it is easy to recognize the winches. Two hatches show access to holds: actually the wreck is empty, or rather, is inhabited by clouds of glassfish, groupers and moray eels. Most areas on the wreck have been populated by many marine organisms, which have created a new habitat. Small formations of Acroporae, soft corals and hydroids have taken possession every available inch, making it wonderful to see. Occasionally you can distinguish a yellow leaf fish, which plies between the wreck and nearby reef. Next to the wreck, there is a small shoal, reef top at 12 meters, it has some large cavities, and the top is covered with anemones and anemone fishes. 

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