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Lobiva Thila


Is one of the most beautiful dive sites of Ari Atoll. It is located in the middle of the pass north of Maalhoss Island, 40 minutes by boat from Moofushi. About 300 meters long, on an east-west axis, its southern side is bare and slopes gently, we do the dive on north side. The reef top is at a depth of 13 meters at the eastern end and drops down to 20 meters at the western end, fully colonized by Acroporae and soft corals. The reef is full of caves and crevices at between 20 and 27 meters, spectacularly covered with soft corals with the dominating being orange, but with many other colors mixed in. In the middle of the channel there are large detached rocks, very colorful, housing banks of butterfly fish, on the top, east side, there are large blocks, which rise from 15 to12 meters, which are home to lobsters, snappers and oriental sweet lips, In the blue, Giant trevally and tuna can be seen.

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