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Maaya Thila


It is one of the most famous dive sites of Maldives, a small size shoal, a marine protected dive site since 1997. Approximately two hours from Moofushi going north, it is generally dived during the full day excursion. The top between 6-10 meters; is about 80 meters in diameter and has a maximum depth of 35 meters. From here, on the NNW side, two large coral blocks rise up to 24 m, they are home to schools of snapper. Looking at the reef, a big protrusion creates a beautiful cave, home to many shrimps and puffer fish. Crevices and caves, follow one another along the reef side, scorpion fish and moray eels are the usual inhabitants. On the southeast side, a large coral rock that rises up to 17 meters is connected to the main shoal by a sandy saddle. On the block, a colorful traversing window opens at 24 meters. You could easily be in an aquarium because there are clouds of very small fishes (Atherinidae) all around you, followed by banks of fusiliers, followed in turn by blue fin trevally hunting tuna. Lately solitary, large sized and dark livery jack fish are also sighted, platax, snappers, red-toothed triggerfish in schools in their hundreds. You may also encounter white tip reef sharks and gray reef sharks. The reef top is home to many anemones and anemone fish, there are stone fish that hide under corals, moray eels, octopus and you sometimes see turtles. During descent divers are surrounded by beautiful Vlaming surgeonfish, which play with your bubbles. 

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