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Mahloss Thila


Is one of the most famous and beautiful dives in Maldives; this dive site is only 40 minutes away from Moofushi to the north, in Malhohu Uthuru Kandu channel. It lies on the seabed 30 meters, approximately 200 meters long and goes from East-West. The top of the reef is around 12 meters in depth. The South side is our dive; there are large caves between 15 and 30 meters deep, like vaults of pure color, lined with soft corals of a deep blue color. Toward the bottom of the atoll, you bump into large sea fans, orange and pink soft corals, among them, banks of soldier fish and striped snappers swim in a myriad of colors, this dive is not to be missed. In front of the Reef on the bottom, 20 meters away, there are four colored blocks of coral, which are well worth a visit. The top of Malhoss Thila is full of coral formations, in particular a kind of Acroporae called umbrella corals, which exceed two meters in diameter. And is indeed a true coral garden, known throughout the world. Turtles, angelfish, moray eels, stingrays and sometimes, white tip reef sharks swim between the reefs and blocks.

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