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A 45 minute boat ride to the south, is the southern corner of Kalhahandi Kandu pass. Colorful and spectacular: the top is rich with large formations of Acroporae umbrella shaped corals, the reef falls away to the bottom of the channel at 30 meters and is a succession of caves and overhangs between 10 and 27 meters. Colonies of pink and orange soft coral make it great for landscapes to photograph, then near the oceanic corner can be spotted some white tip reef sharks and sometimes gray reef sharks. Moray eels, turtles and sometimes lobsters are sighted. A canyon is formed between two coral pinnacles and main reef at 27 meters, full of amazing sea life, Here live a group of sedentary butterfly fish banked together with snappers, a rich mixture of colors to remember. During the winter season, sometimes manta rays can be seen on the oceanic reef.



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