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Every Thursday night BlueTribe holds a presentation about the Maldives. The presentation covers the formation of these amazing islands as well as an introduction to the beautiful and plentiful marine life in the are. There is a load of information on sharks, fish and coral that most people are not aware of. Come join us for the perfect conversation start to dinner. The presentation is held at 7pm in the Manta Bar of Constance Moofushi.

Manta rays are among the most charismatic creatures that inhabit our ocean. With the largest brain of all fish their intelligence and curiosity make encounters with these creatures a truly amazing experience.
However, despite their popularity with divers and snorkelers many aspects of these creatures lives remain a mystery, with only snippets of their life history understood. More worryingly, in recent years, a fishery for these animals has developed with devastating effects on populations of these animals globally.
At BlueTribe we are passionate about the places we visite and the creatures we meet. We have a few ongoing projects to keep our reefs healthy and raise awarenes concering some conservation issues around the globe. Join us for one of our presentations or help take some data on the manta populations around Moofushi.




BlueTribe has set up several artifical reefs in the area of Moofushi. There is a small fishing Dhoni that was sunk several years ago that has become the home to several lion fish picking away at the marine life that is now over running it. It sits at 18m and makes for the perfect Open Water Diver Course experience. There is a garden of ropes producing chunks of Coral for replanting and what has become appectionatly known as the wine Thila. The wine Thila while still small consists of Empty wine bottles kept together by congrete.


We are emptying the ocean of sharks. As a diver and a global citizen acting locally, you can play a critical role in saving sharks. Here’s why your actions to protect sharks are so important:

Nearly one out of five shark species is classified by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as Threatened with extinction. That doesn’t even include hundreds of species (almost half of all sharks) whose population status cannot be assessed because of lack of information. Scientists warn that, in actuality, a third of sharks might already be threatened.

BlueTribe holds a shark conservation presentation once a week in the Manta Bar. Come join us to be introduced to this wonderful project. You can even become a specialized shark diver.

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