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Navigating north for 40 minutes we reach this beautiful dive site, Ran Faru: its located In the North corner of Maalhohu Uthuru Kandu pass. The top of the reef is between 5-7 meters and descends to 29 meters in the channel. Oceanic side slopes gently, at the channel entrance the reef becomes more jagged in the corner. Beautiful caves and overhangs alternate between depths of 10 and 25 meters. The upper parts of the caves are covered with blue soft corals and the bottom is full of orange sea fans of various sizes: the larger ones being 1.50 cm of the largest. Puffer fish find refuge here, as well as moray eels and boxfish. At 14 mt an exceptional coral formation can be seen, its slightly detached from the main block and creates the perfect habitat for schools of fusiliers, snappers and jacks. Glancing toward middle of the channel, you can see white tip reef sharks and, sometimes, leopard sharks on the bottom.

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