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Snorkeling Trips
Moofushi Snorkeling

The sea of Maldives is legendary: white beaches and turquoise waters form crystalline lagoons, which extend as far as the eye can see. The wonderful marine world helps to enhance the charm and appears as a large natural aquarium with hundreds of colourful fish that swim among the coral tirelessly. The easiest way to observe the marine world is snorkelling. You can have fun in the water even with little skill in swimming. This activity can be done in a group with our guides or independently.

Bluetribe offers you a kit consisting of snorkelling fins, mask and snorkel for the duration of your stay, free of charge. You can borrow it at the Boat House.

Moofushi offers amazing local snorkeling. We have several different areas right of the shore where you can enjoy and abundance of marine live and beautiful coral.

Is this your first snorkelling? Our experienced and patient instructors show you how to in the lagoon during a short session. You'll discover which is the proper use of the mask to see underwater, use of snorkel to breathe comfortably while watching the sea bottom, without raising your head and how to fit fins for a more efficient swim.

The best places for snorkelling are within 5 to 30 minutes by boat. Our expert guides will accompany you inward of the atoll, on Thila to visit coral gardens teeming with colourful fish.

You will notice the difference with the reefs near the ocean; each place has its own characteristic and marine life. You can see huge schools of fish composed of hundreds of those, a wide variety of corals of different shapes, turtles and manta rays, depending on the season. 


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