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La Punta is a unique site runing around the south west tip of Moofushi. It starts of with a wide sandy bottom with small coral heads spotted through out. After 5 to 10 min the reef slowly turns into a drop off finishing as a wall right around the bend. There is some over hangs just after the Point that are full of live. All sorts of animals travel through this area and we have seen sharks, turttles, egal rays, modula, spanish dancers, nudibranch, octopus, lionfish, moray eals, starfish, yellow snappers, parrotfish, trigger fish, cergonfish, tunas, mantas and so much more on just this dive.

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La Punta is only 5min away from the Arrival Jetty and is the perfect first dive for divers of all levels.

La Punta, The Welcome Experience

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